There is certainly no shortage of beauty products that promise you amazing results, but it makes you wonder: how are they able to achieve some of these claims? In many instances, they use chemicals or additives that we just don't know enough about in terms of their effect on not only your skin, but your bodies.

Compare these against more natural skin care options that use plant extracts that have been used for centuries. Our bodies have been accustomed to their effects for many generations. Oftentimes, these are the best options to rejuvenate your skin without potential reactions. Here are four plant-based skin care ingredients worth considering if you're looking for safe, effective results:

Rosemary Extract
You've probably used rosemary in your cooking, but would you have guessed that it's a great beauty ingredient, too? This fragrant evergreen herb has antibacterial properties that can help prevent contamination in products or on skin. It also promotes cell regeneration, which helps skin heal faster. Rosemary is also a rich source of manganese, a mineral that can fend off the appearance of wrinkles due to skin damage.

Hops Cone Extract
The flowers of this plant have phytonutrients that help tone and soften your skin. It also has anti-bacterial components that are known to inhibit five different kinds of bacteria. Lastly, its anti-inflammatory properties soothe the skin and promote healing, making it deal for people with acne, redness or other skin blemishes. 

Horsetail Extract
This aptly named perennial has been used by the ancient Greeks, Chinese, and Romans for centuries due to its unique medicinal properties. It offers a combination of anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, and anti-septic properties, making it a powerhouse botanical. More importantly, its silica-absorbing properties assist in the formation of collagen, which keeps your skin plump and smooth looking.

Neroli Essential Oil
17th Century Italian aristocrats valued neroli for its skin rejuvenating properties, and it continues to be a highly sought after ingredient to this day. It's rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin C, which combats wrinkle-causing free radicals. It also has a cytophylactic effect, which keeps your skin cells healthy and promote the growth of new skin, thus helping maintain your skin's elasticity and resiliency against wrinkles. And did we mention the pleasant aroma? It's simply uplifting and unmistakably beautiful. 

The skin is the body's largest organ, not to mention one of the first things people notice about you. Take extra care in choosing the products you apply to it everyday. Opting for natural skin care based on botanicals and phytonutrients, such as those from Kerstin Florian, lets you feel good about what you're using- and lets it show on your skin.

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