As we leap forward into the blossoming spring season with longer stretches of daylight and more sunshine, we experience renewed levels of energy and motivation- spring fever, if you will. Which, according to science, is real. Daylight, says Dr. Norman Rosenthal, director of Seasonal Studies at the National Institute of Mental Health, is measured by the eyes and then relayed to the brain's pineal gland, which in turn regulates melatonin levels. As daylight increases, sleep-inducing melatonin decreases- resulting in increased energy, optimism, confidence and enthusiasm! This can bring on a desire to use that extra energy to refresh, to renew, to clean your "house"; both our homes and our spiritual/emotional/physical bodies. Many of us on the Kerstin Florian team are inspired to bring home fresh flowers like peony, freesia and agapanthus; increase our time outdoors, walking, hiking, and gardening; and start our days earlier with a little yoga or meditation. Seasonal fruits also herald the spring- roadside strawberry and cherry stands begin to appear, and kitchen bowls overflow with bright, juicy oranges, grapefruits, tangerines and lemons. Citrus fruits have so many inherent virtues, from nutrition and taste (of course!) to household uses. Lemons are a non-toxic way to give the kitchen a good cleaning from wiping down the oven, fridge, cutting boards and utensils with a lemon juice solution of baking soda and vinegar, all the while sipping water loaded with lemon slices to deliciously detoxify and boost antioxidants. Our skin needs special attention as seasons change too. More sunlight necessitates more sun protection; winter weather and dryness can leave skin's surface dull and rough; and more rain and humidity mean cell turnover is even more important to keeping skin bright and healthy-looking. In your spring renewal routine, try applying our Correcting Intensive Renewal Glycolic 15 each night to refine skin, waking up brighter and more hydrated. And for a daily nutrient boost, our Correcting Serum C+ Infusion is a perfect addition this time of year. It contains a potent for of Vitamin C that is approximately 50x more active than regular and clinically proven to enhance collagen synthesis and skin structure as it protects from free-radical damage. Your skin will look fresh, energized and radiant- a perfect match for when spring is in bloom! Springtime daylight and its energy inspire us to refresh our surroundings, our homes and our bodies, which in turn helps fuel a refreshed spirit and clear mind- what a wonderful way to embrace "spring cleaning."