Love Your Skin

Valentine's Day isn't just about celebrating your love for your partner, family and friends. Make it about celebrating the love you have for yourself! Self-love and self-care go hand in hand, so DIY spa day is one of the best ways to show yourself the love. It's intimate, on your time, and allows you to choose your own products! Read on for our recommendations to create the perfect spa-at-home experience.

DIY Spa Day

Step 1- A Revitalizing Bath

Soaking in a warm tub is a treat in itself. But the right products can turn into a spa wellness escape. Holistically rebalance your skin and body with a pre-bedtime Mineral Wellness Soak. Minerals are the natural chemical elements such as magnesium that have many transformative wellness properties, including detoxifying, nourishing and even promoting restful sleep.

Take it up another notch by adding aromatherapy and botanical benefits. Compounds found in plants and fruits often offer natural remedies that nourish and protect your skin. For example, our Organic Neroli Bath & Body Oil contains Coconut and Jojoba, in addition to oils from Sunflower and Meadowfoam. These plants provide powerful antioxidant properties to moisturize and protect your skin, while Neroli essential oil aromatically uplifts the spirit.

Step 2- A Mini Facial

What better time to use a facial masque than while relaxing in the bath! The steam from the water and rare opportunity for extra time for yourself make the perfect combination. Virtually any skin type can benefit from our Rehydrating Algae Gel Masque. Nutrient-rich algae weightlessly hydrates and soothes your skin with botanical ingredients, promoting healing and inhibiting inflammation.

Help ease racing thoughts even more with our Lavender Eye Pillow. Stress, lack of sleep, eye strain and many other stressors can lead to dark circles, wrinkles, and bags under your eyes. So gently, place our pillow over your eyes and breathe in the relaxing lavender aromatherapy to maximize the relaxation.

Step 3- Post-Bath Moisture

Seal in all the good you just did for your body by replenishing moisture head to toe. Apply a blend of ANDA Coherence Elixir and Vitalessence Serum-Oil to your face and neck, and Super Nutrient Balm to lips and elbows. Massage arms, legs and feet with FuB Balm, a soothing blend of Menthol, Rosemary, Pine, and Lavender designed to ease tension in your muscles, alleviating soreness and joint pain. Lastly, mist your entire body and the air over your sheets with Natural Chamomile Body Spray and let its comforting aroma keep your feeling of calm relaxation going all night long.